How We Improve Your

Funnel Conversions

What You’ll Get During Your Free Strategy Call

Let me help you take your coaching business to the next level. If you listen to below calls, you’ll hear these are not sales pitches. Far from it!

In fact, I will not even try to sell you something. I believe in giving as much value as possible upfront, and that’s exactly what I do on every call.

You’ll walk away with valuable and actionable recommendations. Just as TJ, who was stunned by the value he got for free.

I learned more in an hour on a "discovery call" than from all the experts I paid for! Very easy to implement with instant results. WOW!

TJ Watkins

Next Level Coaching

What I'll Do Before the Call

I will take a deep dive into your online footprint. That's your website, landing pages, your social media presence... to understand who you are and who you serve.

Next, I will analyze your brand, your product, or service, and your target audience. I will look at your messaging and dissect your copy and its ability to reach your target audience.

What Happens During the Call

During the call, I will go over my findings and answer questions you have.

I will let you know what to change and the reason that will improve your results.

What Changes After the Call

You will walk away with clear and tangible recommendations you can implement YOURSELF. You will see an instant improvement in your coaching business. 

Message/Copywriting Needs Work

The aim of this page is to sell, but the message needs to improve and instead of listing the features, the emphasis needs to be on the WHY! Why should the prospect buy this? Why do they need this?

Convince your prospect that buying your product WILL improve their life. 

Long Form Pages Have Their Own Challenges

Here we look at a long form, sales letter type, landing page. These can be powerful to get a message across. We also go over some other example with suggestions on how to optimize this page.

This is a longer video and you will find some Gold in here for your own pages!

Why They Recommend Having a Free Consultation Call

Here you’ll show more social proof. At the end of each call (or shortly after) ask what they thought about the call and if you can quote them.Try to answer common objections such as wasting time, getting forced to buy, …

jen gorden

Entrepreneur & Coach

With the strategies Koen suggested, I could turn around my Facebook Ads Campaigns.

I had been trying to sell my inventory for 12 months, and I couldn't do it profitably.

With Koen's input, I sold out in less than 30 days, WITH a nice healthy profit! It stunned me!

JT Tapias

Fitness Entrepreneur

 Koen did an amazing audit, explaining at length what to improve on and where. I hired him on the spot and he brought me amazing results. I also asked him to redesign my site and create new and better landing pages. Best decision I made was hiring him!

robert bencivenga

Mindset Coach

Koen has been instrumental to my success. Not only does he know a lot about all the different aspects of an online coaching business, he will also give you a 1000%.

He is a person of integrity who does what he says he’s going to do, and OVERDELIVERS on it!

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